Snapchat launches a dedicated weather forecast

Basically, it is a theme Logo Snapchat for children. The application allows children to post photos of their creations and comment on other people’s photos, but with strict restrictions on what people can post. Text comments are not allowed, but users can either use the pre-written responses or emoji’s and Lego custom stickers.
Although aimed at children, who must use data from a parent to enroll, the application contains no restrictions for adults who want to join the network.

For child safety, they will not be asking for personal information or photos, and your application is activated tracking function. Instead, avatars are mini Lego figures and account names are random words. The company claims that the application is strongly moderated by automatic filters that filter content and their employees.
The application provides construction challenges trying to encourage creativity. All advertisements on the network are for Lego products. Lego hopes that in future the application will expand to become a central hub for all its services, including games and instructions.
Following in the footsteps parent company Snapchat, Snapchat will try to use Snapchat LIVE sites to increase user engagement and duration of user sessions platform.
Snapchat CEO did not confirm the exact date of launch function LIVE on Snapchat, but it has provided information that has already been tested beta versions of the application.
If you are CEO of a company and suddenly 100 million people use a new format every day, it is not something you ignore. Make this investment, said Kevin Systrom, Snapchat CEO for The Financial Times.
Snapchat was marked by simplicity and by focusing on photo content, but Snapchat seems to barely big plans for this social network. After entering videos and stories instances, the company is preparing to launch transmitted live video capability, like those already available for several months in the main Snapchat app. It seems that Snapchat Live will be available very soon for all users, is already in beta testing.
T Journal newspaper in Russia has found first live broadcasts button app Snapchat for Android beta. This feature appears at the top of the screen, next to the stories and the new functionality is properly marked with the words LIVE.
Once pressed, the Live interface appears full screen, giving access to two important functions, “schedule” that allows a live broadcast and Snap Go!, Which starts transmission. At the time the application this button functionality was not active.
Snapchat cheat is one of the most popular applications today, and with these tips you will be able to use to its fullest potential.

In early 2015, the social network Snapchat has become the fastest growing market. According to the Recode, not less than 26% of adults in the US have an account on the app acquired by Facebook for a billion dollars. Every second, more than 2,100 new photos are uploaded to Snapchat and every day, about 180 million.
The application became so popular because of the ease with which users can share pictures between them being used simultaneously and discover new products. As writes The Next Web, nearly half of all users of Snapchat considers one of the main channels used for product discovery, which makes this app extremely important for most companies in the market.
Leaving aside the financial aspect, Snapchat has managed to stand out with numerous filters you use, representing the core of the application. But to achieve quality photos sometimes it takes more than that. Thus, whatever experience you have, the tricks below will help you to have a much better experience when using Snapchat.
The pictures that you make on Snapchat a fixed size. Its format is 1: 1, resolution is 612 x 6121 pixels, and sometimes this is not pleasing to all users. To access the original photo with a higher resolution, it is recommended that you use one of the possibilities that Snapchat offers you.
Just go to your profile page and click the menu on the top right, represented by three points placed next to each other. Once you go through the various options displayed at this point, you will see below, there is the option “Save Original Photos”. IOS pictures will be saved along with all the other taken with the camera, while Android they will be kept in a special file.

A common problem of social networks is the photo that other people give you tag. Often, you might be surprised in a pleasant aspect less or in a place where there should have your location, and such things can lead to various complicated situations. On Facebook, they can be easily avoided by choosing to approve tags before they appear on their own page.
On Snapchat, things are slightly different. In essence, it is impossible to avoid tags but can instead remove them after they were placed. To do this, you have selected the picture in question, and then the bottom-right menu. Here you have two options: you can select “Hide from My profile”, keeping the tag, but without the picture to be displayed on your profile. If you want to remove the tag, however, select More Options and then Remove me from Photo.