About location

The modern era can be defined by three words: speed, technology and globalization. Letters, libraries, shelves full of documents assigned incurable romantics and people in the last century. Now we send e-mails, data storage and servers have even a routine medical check no longer do without technology.

Through technological progress it was possible to reach a new level of quality of life, which no one would have imagined. Such increased and efficiency in all areas of activity. Localization is a direct result, but also a catalyst for this progress. It requires that any person, regardless of language, religion, nationality or country, have access and be able to easily use any new technology under affiliation and culture. Worldwide users of a software expects it “to speak” with them in their language.

This is not just a matter of national pride, but also one of productivity. Users who understand a product really learn much faster to work with him and avoid mistakes. They will prefer applications to be written in their own language and adapted to their culture.

The international market has become more and more important for software developers. Many of these obtain huge profits from international sales. Competition is fierce, and those who anticipate best the needs and preferences of users worldwide will have the greatest benefit. With the advent of the Internet has become vital for many developers to maintain its presence worldwide. It is not enough just to be there. You must ensure that your messages reach and is perfectly understood by users. Localization is therefore best high-tech passport to markets worldwide.

Tracking devices sold by us and can be set to not accept communication in roaming. This is useful if for example the car monitored moving into areas near the borders of the country and when there is a danger that the GSM network in the neighboring country to take stronger signal than the national grid, a situation that could lead to switching the SIM card from the national grid on network GSM / GPRS neighboring country which would ultimately generate increasing costs of GSM / GPRS.

On the other side,  in case that  the client wants to make monitoring of vehicles and outside the continent then he will have to seek the services of GPS. The customer will need to minimize the cost of transmission via GPRS considering that GPRS roaming services are quite expensive. In this situation GPS locator can be set not to transmit nothing if such vehicle is stationary. In addition it can greatly increase the time of reporting the geographical position of the car and speed instant so that one day fewer to make transmissions via GPRS.

It is extremely important to note that all locators GPRS that we sell using a protocol for transmitting data extremely well optimized to minimize the size packets of information transmitted, so that informations  via GPRS to be minimal, significantly reducing costs monitoring service fleet GPS / GPRS. Firmware locator devices is optimized encoding algorithms and uses the data so that transmission be done safely and with few money.


A distinctive face  of cell phone tracker marketed by us is that firmware can be updated appliances “on the fly” ( “update on the fly”)  while the machine is in operation. To change operating parameters do not need to travel in our service was to remove those machines. Everything can be controlled remotely by commands encoded and password protected. All data collected on the GPS position and speed of travel snapshots are stored in a server so that you can check anytime after them (by obtaining historical reports). Also you can have a high accuracy approx of the distances walking  by a vehicle monitored between two points in time that you set yourself.

The new devices sold by our company are extremely reliable and even include tertiary backup solutions to supplant the possible emergence of special situations. For example, if both transmission GPRS is interrupted and in addition there is not even GSM signal enabling SMS messages, tracking devices starts to record in an internal memory back-up all parameters on which way normally i would be sent to the monitoring server through GPRS GPS. As soon as the device detects recurrence GPRS signal they begin to send to the server location all information collected during the transmission was stoped.

In this case,  you will not lose any information about the location or speed of even if for a certain period of time the car was found in an area where the signal GSM / GPRS missed entirely. The storage capacity of the internal memory backup is extremely high and can store up to 17,500 geographic coordinates and speed instant what it would mean for example that a reporting interval of 60 seconds can be stored data over twelve days travel in zones without coverage GSM / GPRS!