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    Nicholas & Alex        

Ukraine, June 2004

Bulgaria, April 2004

Bulgaria, April 2004

Ukraine, March 2004                    




Kate (with Sharon)

Ukraine, Feb. 2004     Ukraine, Jan. 2004 Ukraine, March 2004 Ukraine, June, 2004




Tony, Arthur, & Natasha

Ukraine, May 2004 Ukraine, April 2003 Ukraine, March, 2004

        Ukraine, Oct 2003                    


Sophie & Emma 

Taras Dasha & David

Benjamin & Brandon

Bulgaria, 2004 Ukraine, July, 2002 Ukraine, 2001 & 2002

Ukraine, October 2001

June 1997

      Sergey was a physically handicapped orphan from Vinnitsa. He underwent medical treatment in Charlotte, NC, where he met his future parents and older brother.  One year later the family and Sergey flew back to Ukraine for adoption and immigration purposes. The Vinnitsa orphanage workers were amazed how quickly Sergey learned English and how well he is doing with his left arm prosthesis. Ukraine Parliament did a special TV feature on Sergey's adoption story encouraging Ukrainians and foreigners to adopt special needs children.




November 1997

      This little boy was adopted from an Odessa orphanage by an American missionary couple that settled down in Ukraine. Samuel's adoption was a great blessing for this couple. 

      Now Samuel lives in Lviv, Ukraine and enjoys having a family and three brothers to play with. But the most amazing is the fact that his life is and will be shaped by Ukrainian culture and Christian spiritual values.



February 1998

     This 9 month old girl was adopted from an orphanage in Simferopol. The adoption process went well. The couple from Illinois were more than happy with its results!

"Grace is growing and speaking and happy. She is a real blond cutie with a big smile..."



April 1998

      This was our second special needs adoption. Elena had club feet that never would be  surgically corrected  in Ukraine, but would be in America, thanks to a Christian family from Atlanta. They traveled  to Vinnitsa and adopted Elena.  After the adoption process Elena had surgery that brought her a whole new life!     

"Elena's English is improving everyday. It is amazing how well she is adjusted... We finally got her roller blades and the first day she put them on she could barely stand up, but she wanted to skate. I gave her credit, she has a great self image and thinks she can do anything!"



July 1998

         Adam's adoptive parents live in North Carolina and have Ukrainian and Canadian decent. They traveled to Ukraine in July 1998 and had an Adoption Center referral to Svalyava (Uzhgorod region).  Adam  was quite thrilled to meet his future parents from North Carolina. His favorite phrase was "Dai meni pechenyecko", which means "give me a little cookie". One year later the same couple came back to Ukraine  for a second adoption! They adopted Zachary, an 18 month old boy from Lviv.

 See their adoption story and orphanage pictures at http://members.aol.com/pupchek  and also a transcript of their interview.



July 1998

 These adorable twins came from a Vinnitsa orphanage. Their adoptive family are of American and Polish decent.  Stasik and Vladik are double blessing as well as double work!

"Stasik and Vladik are doing fine, and keeping us very busy! We're finding that these little guys are able to get into places that you never dream possible, and they've also caught on to using their little chairs to reach even higher!"

Stasik & Vladik


January 1999

     This 13 month baby girl  was in a Simferopol orphanage, at the time when a Florida couple came to see her. They fell in love with the child. This picture reminds our staff about the couple's trust and care that was displayed during this adoption. We are proud that Nadya found loving and caring parents.



January 1999

Sierra came from a  Mykolaiv orphanage. The couple from Georgia fell in love with her as soon as they saw this lovely child. Here is how they described that moment:  "When I picked her up and played with her she laughed and laughed. I think it was that first big smile, a smile of recognition, finally you are here!" 

 To find more about their adoption, see transcript of their interview.


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